Working on Processing and Conversion of Skim Block and Coagulum Scrap into Engineering Grade Rubbers

Rather than the dilution of quality a far better and more interesting approach would be to mechano chemically process it into a value added raw material, possibly deproteinized engineering rubbers.

This would be of particular commercial significance to Latex centrifuging and Latex Foam operations where I believe there will be a appreciable benefit in terms of their bottom line. Your also taking a throw away material that actually puts a strain on latex effluent treatment and converting it into a very useful value added raw material that will have a demand in the manufacturing sector. Imagine using this material as a substitute for supplementary rubber content where required.

skim block

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Gopi Sekhar has over 33 years of work experience involved in a wide range of activities from commercial trading, manufacture and processing of palm oil and Rubber to Research and Development in polymers, recycling and sustainable solutions.
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