TIA & RMA Proposed EPA Restrictions on Burning Tyres as Fuel

Two industry organizations are objecting to a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would designate scrap tires as a “solid waste.” If the regulations are adopted, manufacturers that currently utilize tire-derived fuel (TDF) — such as cement kilns and paper mills — will have to operate under the tougher standards directed at commercial incinerators.

TDF-burning facilities would fall under more stringent Section 129 emissions regulations in the Clean Air Act, which would mean revamping or replacing current combustion units. The fear is that these firms would reject using TDF in favor of more traditional fuels — thus lessening demand for old tires.  Read more

The fact is with effective devulcanization in a volume based value added process, the issue of what happens to tires if you don’t burn them doesn’t arise, be they passenger car or commercial vehicle tires (CVT). Putting in the restrictions is the right thing to do and a long time coming. The tyres will become feedstock for an industrial raw material in a process that does not generate any pollution, SRI Compound.

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