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We live in a world that has taken its bounty and blessings entirely for granted for a very long time. The most basic levels of reciprocation to maintain balance in our environment were ignored and we might have pillaged our way to a point of no return. The only option left beyond packing up and leaving mother earth is to do away with polluting processes and address sustainability in any and all our activities.

The challenge before us is to make sustainable activity in the form of greentech and applications related to the improvements in efficiency and energy conservancy, cost effective and profitable. Fortunately, we do have solutions that can go a long way towards mitigation. Some challenges require us to invent, others called for applying common sense and using existing Smart solutions.

Companies are very powerful, if they only move with purpose and commitment towards sustainability in their activities. Walmart in the United States, which if it were a country would be the sixth largest trading nation for China, committed itself to reducing its storewide energy consumption by 30% over a seven-year period.  It implemented existing technologies in energy conservancy and efficiencies in surface coatings, lighting, cooling and ventilation. Some of the solutions were as simple as painting all store rooftops white. The impact of such efforts are quite meaningful and when done by more and more organizations will make a difference.

Real support is needed for innovation in greentech, energy efficiency and implementation of the carbon credit systems beyond lip service. Governments and the financial sector must consider that future viability of nearly all industry is going to have to be marching in lockstep with sustainable and energy-efficient practices. Polluting activities, such as incineration as a waste management solution, must be reviewed and industry accountability for its waste, both process and end of life disposal, must be upheld.

Both government policy and corporate commitment are needed to make this work. There is no point in talking about the carbon footprint of China versus the US when all it takes is to make it per capita to end the argument. It must become the most viable, profitable and acceptable option to operate in a sustainable manner. This means supporting alternative energy and related technological initiatives and making the sustainable way than the right way. Our future demands it. Scan of article in the Edge Malaysia.

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About Gopi Sekhar

Gopi Sekhar has over 33 years of work experience involved in a wide range of activities from commercial trading, manufacture and processing of palm oil and Rubber to Research and Development in polymers, recycling and sustainable solutions.
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