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Tesla Comes Through With Sub-$50,000 Model S, Mostly

Hannah Elliott, Forbes Staff

The Tesla Model S

Tesla today announced official pricing for its four-door electric sedan: $49,900 for a base Model S after a $7,500 federal tax credit.

The announcement comes after months of Tesla founder Elon Musk promising to deliver his first four-door electric car for around $50,000. (Tesla started selling its battery-powered $109,000 Roadsters in 2008.)

Of course, higher performing versions of the seven-passenger sedan will cost more: $59,900 for a 60 kWh (230-mile-range) model and $69,900 for an 85 kWh (300-mile-range) model. The 85 kWh performance Model S, which comes with additional equipment like Nappa leather interior and performance wheels, will cost $79,900 after federal tax rebates. Musk says it will go 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds.  More…….

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Green Car Project Ready for 2010

A Labour of Love

The idea was to take a classic performance car, bring it back to optimum condition, if not slightly better and then change all the rubber components in it to ones with substantial recycled content in the form of my SRI Activated Compounds. Targeting more than potentially 200 components, no fillers or diluents but substitution of one compound for another in proportions ranging from 5% to 30% plus, subject to the application and required performance parameters. The final product performance exhibiting no appreciable loss off properties or performance. The car may be a classic but its performance specs at every level require high performance rubber components and by extension sophisticated compounds even by today’s standards, so whatever works here is equal to anything on the road anywhere.

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Rubber Automotive Components – Recycled Content

photo by bitzcelt

Imagine having a car where all or most of its rubber based components are made with some order of recycled content. There are a few manufacturers who insist on a certain proportion of their components being “recyclable” but todate none have been able to actually meet the challenge of using recycling in all its OEM equipment other than by way of low grade fillers. I think it’s a very interesting challenge.

NR and Synthetic compounds from EPDM, NBR and Butyl are well represented in the more than 200 components made of rubber. Today all that has been done is introducing degraded material like reclaim in limited quantities playing to the very threshold of acceptable performance and performance. For the first time it will be possible to have recycled compound being introduced into the mix representing value addition.

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