Rubber Automotive Components – Recycled Content

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Imagine having a car where all or most of its rubber based components are made with some order of recycled content. There are a few manufacturers who insist on a certain proportion of their components being “recyclable” but todate none have been able to actually meet the challenge of using recycling in all its OEM equipment other than by way of low grade fillers. I think it’s a very interesting challenge.

NR and Synthetic compounds from EPDM, NBR and Butyl are well represented in the more than 200 components made of rubber. Today all that has been done is introducing degraded material like reclaim in limited quantities playing to the very threshold of acceptable performance and performance. For the first time it will be possible to have recycled compound being introduced into the mix representing value addition.

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Gopi Sekhar has over 33 years of work experience involved in a wide range of activities from commercial trading, manufacture and processing of palm oil and Rubber to Research and Development in polymers, recycling and sustainable solutions.
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