LED Globe Light Bulbs

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LED Technology in Globe Bulb Applications


LED’s Poised to Take Over CFL’s

According to experts in the LED industry, the LED lighting market is strong and constantly changing as the technology evolves. Only one year ago some bulbs would have cost almost double what they are priced today. Since LED technology is advancing so rapidly, newer LED bulbs are coming out brighter and cheaper than they were before. LED lighting has continued to gain market share in 2011 as governments around the world have adopted policies in favor of LED lighting because of growing environmental concerns. LED light bulbs for the home are one of the easiest ways to save up to 90% on your home lighting bills if you are switching from incandescent bulbs.

Who isn’t looking to save money on your home lighting bill? There are so many benefits to LED Lights ranging from environmental benefits to wallet saving benefits.

I checked out some easy-to-replace LED globe light bulbs at superbrightleds.com and found that standard bulbs for an E27 socket run on 9 watts of energy. When you compare that to a 60 watt equivalent incandescent bulb, you are looking at some serious savings in your utility bill. I wanted to try one of these bulbs out, so when my bulb was delivered, I couldn’t wait to see how the lighting would look. I was replacing a 15 watt CFL bulb in my kitchen, and when I popped the new one in, I was pleased that the LED bulb was brighter than what I thought it would be. I chose the cool-white light bulb because I think it makes my studio look more modern, but they offer a warm-light option as well.

Your standard LED globe light bulbs twist into any normal light bulb socket that you currently have in your home. The size of the bulb is a bit smaller than a normal incandescent bulb and they are sort of built to look like one on the upper portion as seen in the picture above. I think the reason they call it a globe bulb is because the light emitting from individual diodes are too intense on their own. In order to spread the light around, a globe-like glass diffuses the light emitting diodes. Well, that’s what I think anyways, I am not exactly sure on that one…          More…..

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