The 30th of July 2009, a very special day for me, one that I am unlikely to ever forget. We all have our ultimate goals and challenges in life, some spiritual while yet others take on mythic proportions to be striven for but more often than not, never achieved.

Green Tire before Moulding

Well I’ve been hunting my version of big game for some time now, in some ways a shared obsession with my father. For my father it was achievable, in his view it was just a matter of time, something just around the corner. After he left us, for me it became an elusive hydra, using it’s many heads to throw one impediment after another in my way. Strange how technology and chemistry can take on such colourful proportions but in this case getting there has been on par with finding “Big Foot” or the veritable doorway to Shanri-La.

While I must admit there have been a fair number of favourable achievements and successful innovations to reward one’s efforts, there has been nothing of quite this order and significance. So we persevered, the last few years have been exhausting and uplifting at the same time. Small personal setbacks overcome and big obstructions just powered through.

Tire 1 Hot off the Press

Well guess what? I have a big hairy man-like ape with huge feet hanging in my closet right now. We, my team and I, just pulled off the near impossible and what my dad always thought would get done eventually, just got done!

Innovation the ultimate high!

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Gopi Sekhar has over 33 years of work experience involved in a wide range of activities from commercial trading, manufacture and processing of palm oil and Rubber to Research and Development in polymers, recycling and sustainable solutions.
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