Agreement & Collaboration with the Malaysian Rubber Board on SRI Rubber Recycling Technology

Signing Agreement with Dr. Salmiah Ahmad, Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board

The 12th of October 2010 was an interesting day, there we were signing our agreement with the MRB (Malaysian Rubber Board) at the same time as agreements were being signed with MARDEC and FELDA represented by their CEO’s. While it was nice to be operating on the same level as these enormous companies, it really augurs well for the planned collaboration with us as they are taking us seriously as a cleantech solution provider and a leader in tyre recycling/devulcanization. With this formal agreement which was hammered out with the support of their dynamic Director General, Dr. Salmiah Ahmad, the Rubber Board has effectively made a substantive commitment to support the development of recycling technologies. The agreement provides us with the requisite priority in using their equipment, provides for fast turnaround in testing and general collaboration in terms of applications.

From Left: CEO of SRI, Chairman of MRB, Minister of Agriculture, Sec Gen Agriculture, DG of MRB

Given the history and ranking of the Malaysian Rubber Board this is actually quite an amazing position for SRI. I know my father would have been proud to know that we would be working closely with them towards coming successes which are likely to be very international and very significant. The timing is right, a real solution to the scrap rubber problem is needed, rubber recycling must become more than subsidized window dressing, time to make a difference.

They are going to be working with us on our thrust into automotive components and general moulded goods, while at the same time the MRB Tyre lab will be supporting us on testing the performance of the various tread and side wall compounds that we will be producing. In parallel we will be working closely with the TARRC Labs in the UK under this and independent agreements towards getting independent testing in retread compounds and having them run on trailer trials. Exciting times ahead.

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