Mr. Gopinath B. Sekhar has over 36 years of work experience involved in a wide range of activities from manufacturing and processing of palm oil and Rubber to Research and Development in polymers, recycling and sustainable solutions. His production process experience ranges from installation and up-grading capacity to running a wide variety of large production units.

The last 15 years with specific involvement in rubber technology, development of processing technologies and application solutions. Having personally developed several new proprietary technologies of commercial significance related to rubber recycling and incorporation of recycled content into value added applications focus of activities have been in Rubber. His latest developments involve nano materials and their effective dispersion in rubber compounds.


  • Invented and implemented the Deprotin deproteinization technology for the removal of extractable proteins for gloves and catheters (post production), setting up the  the 1st pilot glove and catheter deproteinization unit in Kerala India.


  • Co-invented with Dr. B.C. Sekhar the proprietary Low protein Latex innovation which allowed for the production of dipped goods (examination and surgical gloves, catheters and condoms) with residual extractable protein levels below the detection limits of all accepted test methods by merely utilising the Low protein latex instead of conventional latex. This patent rendered the previously developed Deprotin patent obsolete.


  • Worked closely with Dr. B.C. Sekhar until his death on the commercialization and introduction of devulcanized compounds (produced using the Delink Chemical Reactant) into production of rubber products in production batches.


  • Developed  an entirely new proprietary mechano chemical process which utilizes a combination of  a proprietary surface activation machine designed for bulk devulcanization of cryogenic and ambient crumb and a special combination of chemicals operating on a cost effective and energy efficient manner. This technology is able  to cost effectively process large batch volumes of up to 380kg of whole tire crumb in 20 minutes or more than 1 Mt/hour with consistent performance and the ability of the output to be easily introduced into value added compounds.


  • Developed and implemented the introduction of recycled automotive scrap fibre into NR latex foam and Polyurethane foam applications in automotive and furniture upholstery applications. This both makes the resultant foam variations green and sustainable but also cheaper while providing a value added application for the fibre beyond incineration.


  • Developed the world’s first masterbatch for Graphene allowing it to be easily introduced into rubber based applications such as tread, sidewall and topping compounds in truck and passenger car tyre manufacture.


“If we are not pursuing Excellence, we have no business in Innovation”

Gopinath B. Sekhar 27th October 2015 IMC 2015


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