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High Time for Modernization & Automation of the Rubber Manufacturing Industry from the Tree to SMR and Latex

Its the common consensus that it’s high time there was a tangible change to the existing approach to the Natural Rubber industry in Malaysia and the region. More than 50 years ago the first step into some level of automation with the implementation of the SMR process and standard, while it was and is a significant and lasting development but the industry reaching it has pretty much stayed the same, effectively labour intensive with grades based on dirt content.

In the words of a very wise man, the tree produces only one grade of rubber, pure and pristine, it takes considerable effort in order to introduce the dirt that then requires a grading system. Such things as automated tapping systems in the form of electical tapping knives, puncture tapping etc, poly-bagging, special containers etc have been around for decades but have been relegated to talking points and filing cabinets. It is reminiscent of the ungodly battle to get the SMR standard and process accepted, change seemed to be the enemy then, I believe it has been pretty much the same in recent times.

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