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14% Recycled Content and Being Evaluated as Virgin Compound!

With SRI Test Light Truck ready for tire measurements at RRI Tire Lab

21st of October 2009 another historic day, light truck tires produced using my activated compound (Magnum SRI custom compound) establishing a 14% recycled content and ensuring the manufacturer a 6% to 8% savings in raw material cost. After having run the tires successfully through several lifetimes (30,000km), official on road measurement and validation trials started today using our tires installed on a light truck  under the supervision and protocol of the Rubber Research Institute. We will be reporting the results of the evaluations as they come out, obviously we are expecting the results to be quite exciting and reflective of the laboratory test results.

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Recycled vs Recyclability & Automotive Components

For some time now there has been a concerted move in Europe especially among the major manufacturers to ensure that a large proportion of their cars and manufactured with automotive components that lend themselves to be easily recyclable. This doesn’t mean that they are not using new virgin material or that the environment will not be damaged in their manufacture, it means that impact subsequent to their use and scrapping will be mitigated as these components may be more readily recycled into other material

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