Sustainability is a Choice

Industry and Innovation are a reality, how we manage it and what we leave behind is a choice, an important one, that we are making for the future, for our children and their children.

Sustainability Where The Tyre Meets The Road

Sustainability Where The Tyre Meets The Road.

Its about sustainable choices in everything we do, using innovation to provide solutions while maintaining a commitment to making responsible choices, striving together always for excellence. It really does take a village.


Making the hard choices, opting forĀ  sustainable feedstock, avoiding polluting and carcinogenic materials and processes may be inconvenient but they are the assurance that our children and theirs will inherit a world worth living in.


Every step I’ve taken in my research, working on removing the need for carcinogenic inputs in complex processes, making the recycling of rubber truly sustainable, making tyre crumbing pollution free, low energy and low cost through to making the introduction of sustainable Graphene in rubber production a reality, has been about leaving the world a better place than I found it. For my children and yours. Share the challenge, what are you doing to make our world sustainable?

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